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PvP Talent Build: Shield Tech/Advanced Prototype Hybrid Powertech – 25/14/2

June 9, 2012 3 comments

LAST UDPATE: Update 1.2.6

This is a PvP build for the Powertech. It is a hybrid between the Shield Tech and Advanced Prototype specialization trees.

Note: This build was created with the Darth Hater Talent Calculator. The link to view this build is here. The associated Vanguard build is here.

Class: Powertech
Primary Focus: Shield Tech
Secondary Focus: Advanced Prototype
Purpose: PvP
Goal: This build is about movement, interrupts, damage mitigation, and our favorite: Rocket Punch. This build incorporates Jet Charge, while taking both damage mitigation talents for a total of 9% damage mitigation while Ion Gas Cylinder is active. This build uses some shield-activated talents, but does not stack shield-chance itself, due to only being able to shield half of the damage types. Rocket Punch is buffed with a proc-based cooldown-reset, a boost to crit chance and damage, and a boost to direct damage.

Easily one of the coolest armor looks in the game

All points allocated are the maximum allowed for each ability, unless otherwise noted.

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SWTOR Season 1: Things they did right and wrong

February 22, 2014 3 comments


Well, season 1 is coming to a close soon (April 8th), and when it does, it will grant rewards to tiers of players on the leaderboards! I want to look back at the season and talk about what is good and bad about it, no holds barred. Here we go! Read more…

Things That Veteran SWTOR Players Know

July 1, 2013 4 comments

Just thought I would write up a quick list of things that veteran SWTOR players know. Here are twelve of my favorites (note: heavy sarcasm below).

  1. It is pronounced “swoh-tor” or “swuh-tor.”
  2. To win PvP, all you have to do is: pass, get ahead for passes, cap, stop caps, call inc, and KILL THE FREAKIN’ HEALER‼‼‼
  3. The Legacy System was once just an experience bar.
  4. “The game died a week after launch”
  5. Watch it the first time, spacebar after that
  6. PvP gear isn’t hard to get anymore
  7. Ilum was still fun.
  8. The Cartel Market is in fact really Ebenezer Scrooge. Two words: Life Day…
  9. The Rakghoul event was in fact one of the best pieces of content in any MMO ever.
  10. There are really three server names for your character. Your first server, your transferred server, and your mega-server (where you now reside). For example, I am from Lord Praven/Drooga’s Pleasure Barge/The Harbinger.
  11. Darth Malgus makes a good paperweight.
  12. Powertechs used to be scary.

EDIT: Had to fix number 10…it got lost halfway through…

Geldarion Plays: Gunslinger in Novare Coast SWTOR PvP

August 14, 2012 Comments off

Notes for video below:

6-month SWTOR Photojournal

June 5, 2012 1 comment

Here is a photojournal of all of my fun this last 6 months in SWTOR. Read more…