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A Smörgåsbord of Writing!

November 23, 2011

I’m not dead…

…though my silence on my blog would have everyone believe otherwise.

I have literally barely had time to play LOTRO, much less to write about it. But I am approaching the end of the semester, and I am contemplating changes to the blog.


I am excited that I may be bringing in guest writers from time-to-time. I have several friends in real life that enjoy all manner of gaming, and they may come and write a few things a month for me! I may have some art, some more in-character stories, more opinion pieces, and game-videos. I am greatly looking forward to having them on, and I will have them write introduction pieces so you can get to know them. Keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.


As some of you may know, Star Wars: The Old Republic will be coming out in about…27 days. I may get to play in 22 days, depending on the pre-order. I pre-ordered the first day it was available, so I probably will get really early access.

I will start incorporating SWTOR into the blog here, but I will still be doing LOTRO, don’t you worry. I have started leading raids for my kinship, Southern Cross (on Vilya), so I will continue to do that. I will not devote much time to alts, unlike in the past, and I will instead spend that time on one character in Star Wars.

So what changes?

I will still bring to you great guides and articles (hopefully great, I try!). I will still have gear comments (with a post on Update 5 gear coming your way soon). I will What will change is my focus a little bit, and the writing will be more varied, both because I will have multiple writers on The Fanatical Swordsman, and because we will be writing on multiple games.

I hope you will enjoy the SWTOR part of the blog as well, and I hope you still keep coming back for your LOTRO fix as well!

P.S. Leave a comment if you also plan to play SWTOR. I’d like to know what you want to see on this blog!

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