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Let Horse Be Bridled, Horn Be Sounded! Forth Eorlingas!

March 1, 2013 Comments off're using that bed wrong, buddy.

Um…you’re using that bed wrong, buddy.

Recently, I wandered back into LOTRO, as I have a tendency to do. Riders of Rohan is the newest thing (well, to me anyway), so I got all pumped up about Mounted Combat and was not disappointed! Here are my top five things I noticed about the game having freshly returned to it. Read more…

Longing for Green Pastures

October 15, 2012 Comments off

Riders of Rohan is launching today! Happy day, for mounted combat and the fields of Rohan.

Unlike for Siege of Mirkwood and Rise of Isengard, I did not pre-order this expansion, instead opting to wait for it to become cheaper. I have a lot of games and a lot on my plate in real life as well, so I don’t really feel the push to rush into Rohan.

I will say though, listening to Chance Thomas’ music for the expansion on Spotify has really made me long for the green pastures of Rohan. I cannot wait to get in and play. I have a feeling that this will be a solid experience.

So to Turbine, please work out all of the bugs before I get there. I still remember fighting through the ghost-floored Pit of Iron with two characters before they fixed it. Hopefully, this time they will work out the kinks before I come back.

And to all the members of Southern Cross, enjoy your time, my friends! I will join you in a month or so.

Gearing up in Isengard or “Yay math!”

October 16, 2011 10 comments

Ah, gearing up. The constant fight for the “best” items for your class, level, and playstyle. With a new level cap and stat changes, the old gear is worthless and the new gear is just out of reach.

Draigoch armor set

Rise of Isengard shipped with one new armor set per class. The first four pieces (boots, gloves, chest, and legs) are available by bartering Superior Fourth Marks. The last two pieces (shoulders and helm) only drop from the Draigoch raid, thus this armor set is known as the “Draigoch set” or the “Dragon set.” I just hope they don’t shorten it like they did with the “Hele set” (Helegrod). I don’t want to be walking around in the “Drag set”…

"Dragon" is way cooler...

Superior 4th Marks, or “S4Ms” as they are seen in chat, are granted upon completion of Challenge modes of any 3- or 6-man Classic instance and 12-man Skirmishes, sans Icy Crevasse and Attack At Dawn, and they are also found in chests at the end of those instances. Challenge modes grant 3 Superior 4th Marks apiece. Read more…

O, The Lives I Have Taken…

September 24, 2011 4 comments

It all started with ore…

I am afraid that’s how a lot of my stories start. Even in real life.

Not really, I kid.

But seriously, this story did start with ore. You see, this all started on September 20th, when I was getting ready for Isengard with my Captain. Specifically, I had decided that I needed to finish off mastery of Tier 5 and Tier 6 of Prospecting, so I would be ready for all of the Skarn that is coming in Isengard (Skarn is the new Tier of ore, just fyi).

Since I needed a bunch of Tier 5 ore, I decided to go to Eregion to make a large loop prospecting Ancient Silver and Ancient Iron, roughly centered on Echad Eregion.

Then I had the (then) brilliant thought, “Hey I should look and see if there are any deeds that I need to complete in Eregion while I am at it. I might as well kill things as I go.” Read more…

Orion’s Minstrel Instrument changes

September 17, 2011 Comments off

Orion made a post today about future changes to the Tier 7 crafted minstrel instruments.

Basically, he is addressing something I think should have been taken care of a long time ago. There was an update a while back to woodworking recipes to allow for multiple outputs with one recipe. Orion is trying to make the Tier 7 minstrel instrument recipes into multi-output recipes, that way you can have whatever instrument you desire paired with the buffs you want.

These changes are slated for Update 5, towards the end of the year.

The following combinations are the ones he is considering. He is pairing two regular buffs for each recipe, with a third buff available on critical success. Read more…