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O, The Lives I Have Taken…

September 24, 2011 4 comments

It all started with ore…

I am afraid that’s how a lot of my stories start. Even in real life.

Not really, I kid.

But seriously, this story did start with ore. You see, this all started on September 20th, when I was getting ready for Isengard with my Captain. Specifically, I had decided that I needed to finish off mastery of Tier 5 and Tier 6 of Prospecting, so I would be ready for all of the Skarn that is coming in Isengard (Skarn is the new Tier of ore, just fyi).

Since I needed a bunch of Tier 5 ore, I decided to go to Eregion to make a large loop prospecting Ancient Silver and Ancient Iron, roughly centered on Echad Eregion.

Then I had the (then) brilliant thought, “Hey I should look and see if there are any deeds that I need to complete in Eregion while I am at it. I might as well kill things as I go.” Read more…

Virtues in Isengard, pt. 2

September 16, 2011 3 comments

After receiving some really good questions from Lucian about my last post on the Virtues in Isengard, I decided to write some of my responses and some more thoughts on them.

Clarification about Beta Disclaimer of former post

When I said that there might be changes before the Expansion hits the live servers, I meant was that the Virtues I saw in the Beta might not be in the exact same form (like the exact same numbers) when Rise of Isengard goes live. They may increase or decrease values after testing. This often happens in Beta, and I wanted to be sure you wouldn’t get mad at me if you saw that Zeal gave a lesser amount of Morale in Live than I said originally.

Explanation of a few facets of the new Virtues

The Virtues in Isengard will be significantly different than the ones that are currently live. Read more…

Virtues in Isengard

August 26, 2011 9 comments

Now that the NDA has been lifted, I can show you these! This was how the virtues were in the Beta when I saw them. These are all at rank 12. It looks like Zeal is the new Valour. Every one of my characters will have it probably.

NOTE: These may change before launch!

UPDATE: More thoughts and information about changes on this new post.

Charity +2070 resistance rating +388.8 physical mitigation +240.6 non-combat power regen
Compassion +648 physical mitigation +360.9 non-combat power regen +162 tactical mitigation
Confidence +2070 resistance rating +18 will +32.4 in-combat power regen
Determination +36 agility +67.5 in-combat morale regen +86 maximum morale
Discipline +36 might +1034 resistance rating +216 physical mitigation
Empathy +540 armour value +18 fate +621 resistance rating
Fidelity +486 tactical mitigation +18 vitality +37 maximum power
Fortitude +647.1 non-combat morale regen +18 might +621 resistance rating
Honesty +145 maximum power +324 armour value +9 fate
Honour +2070 resistance rating +292 tactical mitigation +9 vitality
Idealism +36 fate +1034 resistance rating +9 will
Innocence +648 physical mitigation +1034 resistance rating +162 tactical mitigation
Justice +90 in-combat morale regen +170 maximum morale +324.4 non-combat morale regen
Loyalty +36 vitality +73 maximum power +180 armour value
Mercy +480 non-combat power regen +292 tactical mitigation +9 agility
Patience +64.8 in-combat power regen +1034 resistance rating +216 physical mitigation
Tolerance +486 tactical mitigation +18 agility +45 in-combat morale regen
Valour +338 maximum morale +486.5 non-combat morale regen +9 might
Wisdom +36 will +48.6 in-combat power regen +621 resistance rating
Zeal +338 maximum morale +388.8 physical mitigation +180 armour value

Deed with purpose!

August 2, 2011 1 comment

Every MMO has something that you have to grind. Armor and weapons are a huge grind in most games, and here in LOTRO there is some grinding for weapons and armor, but the main grind is deeds.

Deeds grant a number of things that are useful in game, such as Virtues, Turbine Points, Titles, and Reputation with various groups in Middle-Earth. Not everyone enjoys grinding deeds, but everyone appreciates the rewards.

For now, I will discuss deeding for Virtues and how to maximize your time when doing so.

Read more…

My New Checklist: Syp at Massively Gets the Scoop

June 9, 2011 Comments off

Sypster over at Massively posted a preview of Rise of Isengard expansion, and here are some of the things he had to say.

The expansion is filled with dozens of small improvements as well. Classes will not only be expanded as players level to 75 but receive skill and trait overhauls as Turbine strives to give players “more meaningful choices” in how they build and play their roles. Scaling instances will have their caps raised to 75 and will stock their coffers with better and more shiny loot. Crafting will head into Tier 7 with plenty of new recipes to boot.

We also learned that the virtue cap will be raised from 10 to 12, giving players more ways to increase their character’s stats.

Wow, do I have a lot to do! I have to get all five of my 65s ready for this expansion! Here is my checklist of what I need to do: Read more…