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New Server! New Fun!

June 19, 2012

I am actually excited to see this! On a Monday night, too!

The recent server transfers have lifted me from my previous home on the West Coast PvE server Lord Praven to the server Drooga’s Pleasure Barge. Aside from the fact that my previous server was named after one of the coolest Sith in the Jedi Knight’s storyline and my new server is named after the Hutt Drooga’s hedonistic mobile party platform, I have really enjoyed my stay so far on my new server!

I was happy that I didn’t have to change my Legacy name or any of the names of my characters. No one else made a character named Deg’eldari’oned, can you believe it?

I took this opportunity to ditch my Sage for the time being that I was seriously not enjoying and in lieu start a new Sith Assassin. The storyline is much better, and I am happy with my choice. Also left behind on my old server is my wife’s character that she started and never played again (and is thus stuck perpetually at level 4). She doesn’t care that the PvP queues will be dead and groups will be impossible to find. She only likes the story.

My new server has every PvPer’s dream: a queue that pops when you exit your Warzone, a wide variety of opponents, and endless trolls you can punch in the face in Pub vs. Pub matches. I have had more fun and more Warzones in the last week than in the last month probably. I can get my daily done in 45 minutes now! *gasp*

Overall, I am very happy. How have your transfers gone? Any hitches? Any really good stories? Let me know in the comments below!

  1. chipchops
    June 24, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Hey, Geldarion! Chip here! Figure I’d add mine in!

    For most of you to know, we were same server and transfered the same.

    Pro’s to the transfer:
    1. As Geld said, Once queues pop, they typically don’t stop. I am easily capped on valor for all my characters constantly, and have started overleveling because of this. Huge plus. With anticipation of 1.3, I’ll be buying some increased experience gained from warzones.

    2. More variety of levels and alts, meaning I can actually find people constantly to do Heroics and Flashpoints with that I never could find on Lord Praven. Fantastic!

    3. Fortunately, I got to keep my legacy name.

    4. In WZ’s, I get to go Pubs vs. Imps more often. Not as many Sorcerer vs. Sorcerer standoffs, in my experience.

    5. Get to meet more good players, and certainly find myself enjoying more interaction and social point opportunities. Have had more opportunity to help complete nubs get better.

    Con’s to the transfer:
    1. Unfortunately, I had to change the name of my two highest characters. Wasn’t especially happy about this, but I like my new ones and am over it.

    2. A wider player-skill level pool, which means some warzones are fantastic and some are filled with nubs who sit and do nothing half the game, or people who aren’t very good pvpers to begin with flaming everyone else despite that fact. I call it the “WoW BG Syndrome”. Too bad I can’t spam “Less QQ More Pew Pew” Macros anymore.

    3. Way too many “Flavor-of-the-month” type situations. I’ve entered Warzones where Imperial teams are almost completely comprised of Sorcerers and Assassins. I once tried taking on (with my group, of course) two Sorcerer Healers, two Lightning Sorcerers, and three Assassins. I know they’re the most played class, but seriously…Haha. I once tanked a flashpoint filled with three sentinels and myself (Vanguard).

    4. I’m sorry. Yes, you should be able to name your character whatever you want…and there’s been some funny/ nice ones out there (i.e. Chosen One; Smooth Operator), but seriously…drug and sex related names (i.e. Fn’u’knightly) are offensive to a lot of gamers (though maybe not the majority) and just make you look stupid. I noticed it a little on the other server, but with more people, it’s just ridiculous.

    Anyway, I’ve loved the transfer overall. The increase in population solved most of the problems I had with the other server, and there’s always some give and take.

    Go, Fight, Win!

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