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New Projects!

July 4, 2012

Hello all! I thought I would talk about my recent projects with other websites. I have recently been picked up by TORWars.com to write their Smuggler Weekly Column and by Corellian Run Radio to write their PvP column.

I have written three articles for TORWars so far, one on the state of the Smuggler in 1.3 and one on the use of the Focus Target system for Scoundrels and Gunslingers, and my first article for them, which was more of an introduction article.

I have enjoyed TORWars’ interesting and informative articles for a long time, and they were one of the first SWTOR blogs to go on my blog feed reader. I suggest you go check them out for more than just my gratification, as they really do have a lot of good information.

I am also writing the new PvP column called Tactical Strike for Corellian Run Radio. My first article for them is called “Shoot, Move, Communicate” and it is about the most important thing in PvP: Communication. I was also a part of the June Writers’ Roundtable Podcast this last weekend, which I greatly enjoyed. Their podcast is my favorite of the SWTOR podcasts I listen to, and being on it was very thrilling. I look forward to hanging out with these folks more, and writing more PvP articles for them.

My newest project for this blog is a YouTube channel I am going to start working on more very soon. My first video was very short, but they will get longer, as I am about to splurge and buy FRAPS. Still, it was a fun little video, all about bounty hunter awesomeness.

So that is what I have been working on for a while now, what have y’all been up to? Any projects, podcasts, or fellow bloggers want to share some links?

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