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PvP Talent Build: AoE, Force Shii-Cho Sentinel – 5/2/34

May 31, 2012

LAST UDPATE: Update 1.4

This is a PvP build for the Sentinel. It will mainly focus on the Combat specialization tree.

Note: This build was created with the Darth Hater Talent Calculator. The link to view this build is here. The associated Marauder build is here.

Class: Sentinel
Primary Focus: Focus
Secondary Focus: Watchman
Purpose: PvP
Goal: This build is about massive AoE attacks, using Force attacks, slightly longer-range fighting, and slows. This build also grants Zealous Leap, which costs Focus, has a shorter range than Force Leap, but hits very hard and procs effects that make you a powerhouse of AoE damage.

All points allocated are the maximum allowed for each ability, unless otherwise noted.

Combat (2)

Defensive Forms (2/2) – This is another important ability for any build in my opinion, simply because it enhances every stance. It builds Centering when attacked, which is guaranteed to happen in PvP. The way it augments Shii-Cho, which is our stance in this build, is it increases Shii-Cho’s incoming damage reduction by 2%, bringing it to a total of 5%.

Watchman (5)

Valor (2/2) – Increases Centering built by using Focus-spending attacks by 2. Also reduces the cooldown of Valorous Call by 30 seconds. I love this talent so much, because I love popping Transcendence on demand, and there is also the added functionality of Zen producing Singularity buffs.

Focused Slash (3/3) – Slash, Dispatch, Blade Rush, and Merciless Slash refund 1 focus when used. This is just a great way to keep on fighting when using important skills.

Focus (34)

Insight (3/3) – Increases Force crit chance by 6%. This is very useful for this tree because of all the Force-based attacks that are used and buffed in this tree. Though it has not effect on Force Sweep that really impacts us (since we have auto-crits in this tree), it does affect Force Exhaustion.

Swelling Winds (2/2) – Increases damage dealt by Cyclone Slash and Force Sweep, and reduces the cooldown on Force Sweep by 3 seconds. This is a great buff with Force Sweep, as we will see higher up.

Second Wind (2/2) – Resolute heals you for 10% of your maximum health. Our CC-breaker is a skill we use all the time in PvP, so this is a great buff to an already great skill.

Zephyrean Slash (2/2) – Awesome name, pretty useful skill. This talent was redesigned in Patch 1.4 to decrease the active cooldown on Force Sweep and Zealous Leap by 1 second on each use of Strike, Zealous Strike, Slash, Blade Storm, and Dispatch.

Blade Focus (1/1) – Reduces Focus cost of Blade Storm by 1 while in Shii-Cho form. This is a skill that is used a lot, especially with buffs to Force crit and the proc for Zephyrean Slash.

Swift Slash (2/2) – Increases crit chance of Slash and Dispatch by 15%.

Saber Strength (2/2) – Increases damage done by Slash, Dispatch, and Zealous Leap by 6%. Zealous Leap already does a lot of damage, so this is even better.

Zealous Leap (1/1) – This is a very hard-hitting attack, a short-range (10m) leap, and it procs buffs higher up in the Focus tree.

Pulse (1/2) – Reduces pushback suffered by channeling Force Stasis by 50% per point, so I took 1 point, since the reason I use Force Stasis is for CC, but it also gives one stack of Singularity (which we will see soon) per tick, so a longer tick is useful.

Felling Blow (3/3) – Zealous Leap and Force Leap makes the next Force Sweep used within 20 seconds an automatic critical hit.

Singularity (2/2) – Each tick of Force Stasis and Force Exhaustion grants a buff called Singularity that decreases the Focus cost and increases the damage done by your next Force Sweep by 25%. Can stack 4 times for a total of 100% bonus damage to a now-free Force Sweep. This is the crux of this tree, as this combined with the auto-crit from Zealous Leap or Force Leap makes Force Sweep a very, very hard-hitting attack. Interestingly enough, you can hit an enemy with Force Exhaustion right before you die, and the stacks of Singularity will still build on you while you are running back to the battle.

Inner Focus (2/2) – Zen in Shii-Cho form automatically grants 4 stacks of Singularity. This is proving to be less useful than I had initially thought, so I am considering removing it from my build, but it is nice to always have 4 stacks. I would recommend that you have it in while you get used to the Singularity mechanic, and then remove it later to be more efficient with the 2 points.

Gravity (1/1) – Reduces the cost of Leg Slash and Force Exhaustion by 1. Considering that Force Exhaustion normally costs 4 Focus and that it is such a cornerstone skill, this seems to be a must-have talent.

Agility Training (2/2) – Increases movement speed by 20% after using Zealous Leap. I find this useful for quickly getting into position for the best possible Force Sweep after using Zealous Leap.

Shii-Cho Mastery (2/2) – Shii-Cho form increases armor-penetration by 30%. This buffs all attacks, including Force attacks.

Focused Resonance (3/3) – Increases critical strike damage of all Force attacks by 30%. This is definitely buffing Force Sweep, which is reason #1 why I have this talent.

Enduring (2/2) – Increases damage reduction by 2%. Also reduces the cooldown of Guarded by the Force by 30 seconds. This talent, combined with Defensive Forms, makes Shii-Cho have a 7% damage reduction, and the reduced cooldown on Guarded by the Force is a very useful feature as well.

Force Exhaustion (1/1) – This not only the primary skill we use to build stacks of Singularity, but it is also a really neat skill that deals damage over time and progressively slows our target, with an initial slow of -50% which spirals down to -90%. This is a really fun skill to use on a Huttball-carrier that is approaching a fire-trap, as it takes the opponent by surprise how slowed he is and he often gets stuck on the fire.

Last Updated: 9/28/12 for Update 1.4

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