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Chipchops’ Photojournal…The First Six Months or So

June 26, 2012

In response to Geldarion posting a photojournal, decided to set out to do one as well, considering how I have not posted much since beta. As real life and the balancing of the joys of SWTOR go, I have been quite busy. Also, it may not show the progression I would have liked due having played on 3 computers, one awaiting respawn…but here is quite a spread nonetheless. Hope you enjoy most of my first 6 months of SWTOR as seen here.

The Aryon Legacy

Bloodrose/ Kaytra
Currently Level 50

Darth Bloodrose…Kaytra Aryon.
Preferred Lightning Specialization.
The story. The Rise to Power. The aesthetic of shooting lightning from the fingertips. The gear. The “Imperial” accent. Even the Ship. This character was and is still my favorite. I actually stopped playing Rhyla for this character, and achieved legacy first with Kaytra.

I loved the ability to feel like I could play a generally light aligned character with the best intentions of the Empire and it’s people in mind. I may not have originally set out to do this, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The rise from slave to Champion of the Empire was certainly a big motivation for me to finish this character first, even though it was my second character. The story was one of trial, betrayal, and the cost of power. Here’s she looking like she’s about to own a Jedi or two.

**Following is a Spoiler**





Ah, Thana. She, like many other characters in the Imperial stories were a “love-to-hate ’em” kind of relationship.Some became allies. Some became craters. I contemplated a long time IRL whether to end her or not…





***End of Spoiler***

Hoth was among my favorites. Completionist to the core on that planet…not so much most other places. Had Khem Val with me the entire way…he was well fed.

I fought my way through the game almost always two to three levels behind, and finished Act 3 at level 48. It really just took know-how of the class (and well-timed interrupts). I finished my last two levels by questing on Corellia, which as Geldarion often reminds me…took me far too long.


Currently Level 50

Rhyla Aryon (fomerly Ryla on Lord Praven)
Scoundrel. Preferred Scrapper Specialization.
The toon I created in Beta, brought back into retail as my first character. It took nearly the entire 6 months to level her, and it has been quite the journey. The sassyness, the style, the ship…and despite most people I know knocking the smuggler story, I had one amazing ride. I felt like I was getting double-crossed the entire time, and then some.

**Following is a spoiler**





I said Skavak would pay! He did! And it felt SO incredibly good doing it 3 levels underleved. As I’ve learned with both Kaytra and Rhyla, using dots, heals, and line-of-sight can lead to a fun, interesting challenge for you underleveled ranged dps folks.





**End of Spoiler**

Ah, Corso. I’ve heard a lot of complaints on having him as a companion, and even a romance option. Personally, I thought he was great. First romance option I pursued with my characters, and now I have his legacy perk and Rhyla has a husband. He was a good tank, too, once I realized I hadn’t upgraded a few pieces of his armor in 25 levels…

The sassyness of the female smuggler made me laugh. Especially catching this “What the Crap!?” face.

I pvped TONS with this toon, and actually capped her valor rank at 49 before finally leveling. PVP as a scrapper was not very fun…until level 40. I starting hitting the top 5 in medals, damage, and even did a fair amount of healing. Battlemaster, here I come!

Here’s a cool one from Alderaanian Civil War.

Battlemaster, here I come!

You might be wondering…really? In 6 months, this is all you’ve done? Are you not going to show us more of your alts?

Ya, what she said…

Here’s a quick rundown…

Abhorus. Sith Marauder. Currently Annihilation Specializaion. Soon to be my 3rd level 50. Very fun, being a dark side champion, destroying all in my path. 2 legacy buffs and legacy abilities doesn’t hurt one bit.

Rheymi Aryon. Level 20 Vanguard. Meant to be Rhyla’s mother. Leveling a trooper has been so fun, and pvping much more fun at this level than my Marauder. Survivability and lack of squishyness is something I’m not used to. Will be leveling her as I level Abhorus.

Kelenn Aryon. Level 18 Jedi Guardian. Meant to be the patron of my legacy. Not much to say here, at the moment. I have rarely played this character.

Ulrhon Dekkhar. Level 21 Jedi Shadow. Probably looks the closest to its creator…haha. Have played this character on and off, and have loved it. I have not enjoyed the story very much (except Nar Shaddaa) so far, but the character and the pvp has been awesome. Love me my stealthies.

Here’s throwing a few funnies in…

Ulrhon died…and apparently wanted to be creamated like a true Jedi.

Abhorus died…and was stuck here on Voidstar unwilling to get up…then was kicked from the warzone. Curse you, Perry the Plat…I mean…glitches!

And here’s a cute one…

AWWWW…(/barf)…just kidding…

Hope you enjoyed that. I have a reliable computer now and am taking them like a madman, so there are plenty more to come. Good hunting!

Go, Fight, Win!


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