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Geldarion Plays: Gunslinger in Huttball and Voidstar SWTOR PvP

August 12, 2012

Originally posted on TORWars.com

Notes for video below:

Quick Tip: Spec changes should be tried for at least one week for full benefit


Gunslinger’s two roles in Huttball: Burst damage (Sharpshooter), stands on rafters, defense and mid-control; Survival and 1v1s (Saboteur), stand in middle or off to side on floor, ball-grabbing and mid-control.

(4:54) Roots go through resolve, useful on fires
(5:30) Pass when low on health, pass over fires
(5:45) Throw it away rather than giving it back to them directly
(6:00) Controlling mid is very important
(6:13) Notice that when defending, I am always in cover, so as to prevent leaps to my position.
(6:25) Never get between a gunslinger and the fire!
(7:14) Ignore 1v1s and focus on objectives
(8:45) Wait for enemies to pop all defensive cooldowns and let them wear off before blowing big attacks.
(9:50) Enemy passes ahead very nicely.
(10:05) Quitter leaves the game, making our job harder.
(12:12) Badly-placed knockback resolves ball-carrier near fire trap.
(12:52) I immediately go into cover to avoid a leap…which soon ensues to a teammate just standing there.
(13:45) Again, while carrying the ball, I go into cover so people have to run to me.
(14:15) Ball-carrier had used CC-breaker when not carrying the Huttball, so it wasn’t available while in the fire trap.
(16:15) Only person in sight runs away from the ball-carrier, preventing a pass.
(16:27) Random PvP is bad.
(16:40) Yet another person standing on the edge for a Juggernaut to jump to.
(18:00) Try to keep a positive attitude, don’t worry about MVP votes!

An Aside About Keybinding

(18:20) Interrupt on “=” because it is convenient for Razer Naga.
(19:00) Skills that are PvE-only completely off the skill bar.


(19:40) Fake left or right at the last second. Strat has almost lived its life.
(21:10) AoE abilities create lag when used at the beginning for no reason. Be considerate.
(21:47) Sniper uses Orbital Strike outside of Cover, which I quickly interrupt.
(22:45) Gets into position to peel if necessary with AoE knockback and CC.
(23:13) XS Freighter Flyby is great in choke points like doors to pre-weaken enemies.
(23:45) Standing in doorway to peel.
(24:50) I take an opportunity to cap just in case the other bomb gets defused.
(26:25) Sniper yet again uses Orbital Strike not in Cover…which I interrupt.
(27:33) Looking to see where they are coming from, Vanguard uses stealth reveal on possible approach for stealthers just in case.
(27:39) Mercenary attempts to double-CC me, but I don’t use my CC-breaker until I am fully resolved.
(29:20) Stealther decides to disappear, I cast XS Freighter Flyby on myself to prevent sneak attacks.
(29:40) I turn the camera toward the door while killing enemy off screen.
(30:50) I send an “all clear” signal to help communication.
(31:00) I position myself behind pillar to trick the line of sight of enemies.
(32:00) Love to pop around the pillar and interrupt the cap with Distraction, then hide behind the pillar again. Then they don’t know where I am.
(33:00) I congratulate my team, and try to be a good winner by sending “gg” to the other team using /s.
(33:50) Descends into thoughts about going for full damage, discusses AoE hybrid of Saboteur and Dirty Fighting.

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/fanaticalswordsman/videos

Twitter: twitter.com/Geldarion

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