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Geldarion Plays: Sentinel in Alderaan Civil War SWTOR PvP

August 13, 2012

Originally posted on Corellian Run Radio

Notes for video below:

General Tips on Sentinel Buffs

(1:00) Combat has Fleetfooted, for a 80% buff to Transcendence.
(1:30) Transcendence is only Sentinel buff that is Ops-wide
(1:54) Watchman has good heals with Zen when alone.

Novare Coast

(2:30) 4 west, 4 south. After capping, 3 head from west to east. Also, 3 can go straight to east without helping to cap.
(3:22-4:06) Stuck at load screen, sorry for technical difficulties. I kept this because of
the strategies mentioned for Novare Coast.

Alderaan Civil War

(5:09) Strategy for Alderaan Civil War: 1/2/5 (not always, the other side uses this too sometimes)
(5:50) Three objective control. Have to have two turrets for a good portion of the time, ideally until you get twice as many points as they have, so you only need one turret to win at that point.
(6:40) I like to use Valorous Call (which gives 30 stacks of Centering) about 30 seconds before the speeder shows up, that way it is already getting through the cooldown and you have 30 stacks of Centering to use for an immediate Transcendence when you hit the ground.
(7:30) Luckily, the Marauder wasn’t paying attention and didn’t stop me from capping.
(7:45) I check left to see what the situation is, but I had made sure that there were enough people mid to protect it.
(8:30) I use Force Camouflage to get out of the fight and recover for a second when I am taking heavy damage. It forced my enemy to look somewhere else for a target, allowing me to help finish him off.
(8:40) I notice that there is a large incoming wave of enemies, so I pop two defensive cooldowns, Saber Ward and Rebuke. It turns out that they did not attack me immediately like I expected, but it would have been less bad if they had.
(8:55) I try to get out of combat (and I don’t notice that I actually do) to use my OOC heal, but because I got out without realizing it, I didn’t actually use it like I intended to, and I was killed shortly after.
(10:20) Notice that when I land, I look left really quick to see what the situation is. I also look around while I am on the speeder, as it gives you a good view of the map to see what the action is.
(10:30) The person capping should have been squarely on the opposite side of our respawn, so as not to get leaped to and interrupted, like I did.
(11:00) While on the speeder, I take advantage of the time to let people know what is happening.
Throughout the next two minutes, I use line of sight to move around unhindered.
(13:30) Instead of getting involved in a pointless 1v1, I break off and head to the turret. Remember to play objectives!
(14:20) I used Pacify on the Marauder as soon as I got there, because it is off the global cooldown. Use skills off the global cooldown anytime that it is possible.
(14:30) I watch for the Marauder’s Undying Rage to come off. It was the tiny red icon. Unfortunately, I wasted a perfectly good Blade Storm that I activated right after he activated Undying Rage. I swing around and wait, pouncing in when it drops to finish him off.
(14:50) I thought I had the guy with low health targeted, but unfortunately, I was targeting the wrong person when I leaped to them.
(15:00) I don’t blow my cc-breaker when I am low on health, unless I need to stop a cap.
(15:30) By anticipating the movement of the enemy, we can quickly respond to their threats.
(17:00) At this point, they basically gave up. Pity, I wanted to play till the end. My mic is off at this point, since my wife walked in and was talking to her mother hahaha!

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