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Geldarion Plays: Gunslinger in Novare Coast SWTOR PvP

August 14, 2012

Notes for video below:

(00:15) 1W, 7S plan
(00:30) You can keybind your target markers. Go to your targeting keybinds page and they will be at the bottom. I have my favorites bound to ctrl + alt + 8 through ctrl + alt + =, but I am using a Razer Naga, so that might not be convenient for everyone.
(1:00) I notice that no one is directly attacking me, so I try to take the point. A Marauder tries to come up to me and I knock him back with Pulse Detonator, then immediately start taking again.
(1:20) I like crosshairs for my marking because it doesn’t look like any of the class icons. I do like the class icons, as it allows me to quickly assess what the classes are around me. It has saved me on numerous occasions.
(1:45) I like to watch my surroundings at all times. Look around, keep an eye on movement. You want to anticipate the enemy’s movements.
(2:45) The strategy I am talking about is where you swap targets enough to keep the healers guessing who is going to get the brunt of the damage. This leads to overhealing as they change targets, and they waste resources.
(3:30) Smart Sniper uses Evasion as he sees my Aimed Shot incoming. I failed to false cast (a fake cast with the intent of making him use a defensive cooldown), which made the fight take longer.
(4:20) I could have seen the incoming Ambush from the enemy and hit Dodge to avoid it, but I didn’t notice it.
(6:00) Diversion is really useful against: Snipers, Juggernauts, and Marauders. It is somewhat useful against Assassins. It is not really useful at all against Sorcerers, Operatives, Mercenaries, or Powertechs.
(9:40) War Hero is about a 5% difference from Battlemaster. It is significant, but not game-breaking. My math can be summarized here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0BxRddbWeDqx2Y25FS0Nld2lWNFk
(10:15) The War Hero Field Tech hat has about 50 more crit and surge, and I lose probably 40 accuracy. My goals for crit and surge are roughly 40% and 75%, respectively. I am currently at 42% and 76%. Accuracy is more helpful at this point.
(12:00) 6% left on the turret is about 10 seconds if they have two.
(12:50) Target another DPS and set as your focus target and use ctrl+F to obtain their target at any time. This is useful when you are teamed up and you want to quickly coordinate the focus-firing.

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