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SWTOR Story Ranking – The Capital Worlds

March 6, 2013
Still no Rakghouls...that will change next time

Still no Rakghouls…that will change next time…

Last time, I wrote about the stories on the starting planets and how I liked them. This week, I will look at the second half of the Prologue on the capital worlds, Coruscant and Dromund Kaas. Next time, I will talk about Chapter 1!

Like last time, I will give my ranking first, then I will fully explain my position with potential spoilers, so if you just want to see what I think, don’t go past the big spoiler text. Feel free to comment on all of the rankings and provide your own if you want! Be sure to add your reasoning as well! Also stay tuned for more rankings of the additional parts, as well as the ultimate story ranking at the end! Which class will win?

Here is my ranking. They are also links in case you only want to read my analysis of certain classes. Be careful while scrolling!

  1. Agent – 9/10
  2. Inquisitor – 9/10
  3. Smuggler – 9/10
  4. Bounty Hunter – 8/10
  5. Knight – 8/10
  6. Trooper – 8/10
  7. Warrior – 4/10
  8. Consular – 3/10



Rating: 8/10

Reason: The rest of the Prologue and Chapter is motivated by justice or revenge, and the choice is dependent on the player (or whether you are talking to Aric Jorgan). This part also tells the player why the Justicar movement exists on Coruscant, which is pretty cool. In general, you get yelled at by the higher-ups and take out a few important targets. You are now the CO of Havoc Squad, so that makes for a pretty epic feeling. Overall, it is a good continuation, but it can’t match the thrill of the first part of the Prologue.


Rating: 9/10

Reason: The Inquisitor story is pretty awesome on Dromund Kaas, keeping with the themes already established of power-grabbing and deception. In the course of the story, you are basically preparing to assassinate a rival Sith Lord of your master, so that is pretty awesome. You find out about an ancient heritage that is pretty cool, keeping you on your toes.


Rating: 9/10

Reason: The agent returns to headquarters and is assigned some tasks. A catastrophe occurs at the end of this section that is pretty epic, and you are assigned your moniker Cipher Nine in the course of your tasks. You meet the main players of the rest of the story, including Keeper, Watcher Two, and Darth Jadus. You still have a lot of spy-like fun. By the end of this section you are starting to either feel pretty fanatical about the Empire as a whole, or you are more loyal to Intelligence and you are tiring of the Sith Lords ordering you around.

Bounty Hunter

Rating: 8/10

Reason: Now that you are sponsored, you meet some of the main players in the Hunt, including Mandalorians and the Huntsmaster. After a fight-off (a giant melee), you officially get in the Hunt, because apparently, you aren’t just hunting targets…you hunt each other. Many times you will be coming against Tarro Blood indirectly, the least-honorable Mando you will ever meet, who is your nemesis for a while.


Rating: 9/10

Reason: This section of the story is basically you on Coruscant holding everyone and anyone at gunpoint asking where your ship is. It has a few good moments, especially when you ruin Skavak’s record (or rather, restore it back to normal, which ruins it). You get SO CLOSE to Skavak, too bad you can’t shoot him real quick and save yourself the trouble. You get to meet Darmas Polleran, play a few rounds of Sabacc (not literally of course, in a cutscene). You also meet Miel Muwn, a Sullustan cop, who is a short-lived character in the story, but he can make for some poignant moments. This was an 8, then I realized you get the XS Freighter, which is my favorite ship, which bumped it up a point.


Rating: 4/10

Reason: I was a little bored on Dromund Kaas, as it is basically a “go here, kill that guy” type of thing. It is like the Consular’s Prologue, but with less lore and more gore. The only thing that makes it worth it is you find out the details behind Lord Grathan. It literally made me question all of the other Imperial storylines to see if I had noticed anything.


Rating: 8/10

Reason: This story was cool, probably one of the more interesting Prologues. You meet up with Kira Carsen, and she is later a love interest, so it is very interesting when she gets kidnapped and you have to rescue her. She is one of my favorite companions, as she has a really interesting backstory, a great personality, and a razor-sharp wit. This does start a kind of sadly-predictable set of missions that get old pretty fast, which is the “Superweapon” story-type. This is reused over and over again in the SWTOR universe (see Hammer Station; the Trooper, Agent, Inquisitor storylines to name a few; and several World Quest Arcs).


Rating: 3/10

Reason: Your master is sick. Get the cubes. That sums up the questline here on Coruscant. I hope you like the Coruscant world quests, because they are probably all you have to keep you going. It gets much better after the Prologue, but this is only saved because of the reappearance of Bastila Shan in one of the holorecordings. I literally made a Sage that made it to level 14 and stayed there for about 8 months because of this stupid planet.

Check back next time for my analysis of Chapter 1!

  1. March 6, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    An Inquisitor story line on *Coruscant* would be pretty awesome. ^_^

    I leveled my Warrior with my son’s Inquisitor. When we saw various bits and pieces of the class stories overlap it really added to the experience.

    • March 6, 2013 at 5:46 pm

      Dang it! I knew I was going to do something like that lol! I even checked for that, but I guess I missed that one. I changed one on the Warrior, since I was comparing it to the Consular.

      The class story overlap is one of the best things about the game. I wrote a post on the Warrior/Knight and Trooper/Bounty Hunter talking about that very thing. It really makes for a lot of “AHA” moments!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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