About Geldarion

I am a musician, gamer, and chemist. I enjoy spending time with my wife, studying exact quantum dynamics, and playing guitar, and occasionally, I play a game called Lord of the Rings Online. This blog will mostly be about that.

Geldarion is the name I go by in the world of Lord of the Rings Online. The actual character is a level 65 Elf Hunter, and my main.

When I discuss Lord of the Rings Online, I want you to keep a few things in mind.
1. I like to kill things, and kill them fast (only in game btw lol)
2. I like to group, but soloing is where I am most comfortable
3. I like goals, and I like to achieve my goals quickly
4. I have 5 level 65+s, a 65 Hunter, 75 Captain, 65 Warden, 65 Champion, and 65 Lore-master
5. I have played all of the classes to at least level 20
6. I have a supreme-level crafter in each craft, and I was kindred with every crafting guild before Isengard, Master of the Woodworker, Weaponsmith, Tailor, and Metalsmith Guilds.
7. I have played almost all of the instances in the game, at least part of the way
8. I have a Rank 5 Stalker and Captain, and my Hunter is also Rank 4, so my perspectives on PvMP are
from a relatively-new person’s view. However, I am balanced in Freep vs. Creep.
9. I like lists

When it comes to science, you must keep in mind that I am a theoretical chemist, with two bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and chemistry. Therefore, I struggle with watching seminars given by organic chemists and biologists, because I cannot follow all of the steps. I have great respect for them, I just do not understand them.

In my philosophical leanings, I try to be kind, while still being firm in my beliefs. Please do not take anything personally, because I will not hold back.

  1. Randolph Carter
    August 2, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Your number 4 is a doozy. I have a level 62 warden, 58 hunter, 50 minstrel, 30 champion, 28 burglar, 27 captain, 24 lore-master, and a 24 rune-keeper. I rarely group up and am in a kinship of two. Exciting, I know.


  2. August 2, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    Hey man, each to their own! Glad to meet you! You are very close to a 65 yourself. I just really enjoy the leveling process, sometimes too much. When I reached 65 on my Lore-master, I pretty much logged out and started working on my Captain lol.

    And as to the Kinship and grouping, that isn’t for everyone. I know there are times I like to keep to myself and just run around. That’s why I get on my warg, just to get away from everything. Grouping defines what you have to do, which is a facet not everyone likes. I know I feel bad about logging off when I’m tired when I’m grouped. I will tend to go to bed at reasonable times when I’m solo, but not when I’m grouping lol.

    Glad you are enjoying my posts!

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