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A comment reply to Lanir

December 11, 2011 Comments off

Lanir posted a comment on my other post here. I wanted to respond to him and his “wall ‘o text” (as he put it), but I ended up writing a post-length response, and it just got out of hand haha. I created my own “wall ‘o text.” Oh well!

His comment is in boldface, and my responses are in regular type.

Note: I took the important things that I wanted to respond to from his comment, simply for space reasons, but I do not believe I left anything out that will change his meaning.

“I’m going to try something a bit different and go for a semi-reasonable conversation.”

A welcome relief 🙂

“From an outside perspective, I think the blog post here is really just a statement of beliefs.”

This is true. Specifically, it outlines my description of Jesus, who he was technically and who he is to me today.

“The replies seem to me to be consistent with that viewpoint as they largely don’t speak say much about anything brought up in the blog entry but talk about Christianity in general.” Read more…