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So Many Articles, So Little Time

November 1, 2012 Comments off

I bet some people have wondered where all of my articles on SWTOR have been! I have been super busy in real life, so I have been keeping my commitments on TORWars and Corellian Run, but I have not been posting much over here. I meant to start doing a Rant ‘N Rave every week, but I let that go to the wayside, unfortunately. I will pick that back up at some point, or perhaps not be so strict on the once-per-week thing.

Anyway, for now, I would refer you to my recent articles on on my Smuggler Weekly Column and on Corellian Run Radio on my PvP column, Tactical Strike. Read more…


October 26, 2012 Comments off

Hello all, I thought I would write a musing post today. I want to talk about Assumptions that rule our lives.

You Know What They Say About Assumptions…

Everyone does it. We all make assumptions, all the time, about everything. We make assumptions about people when we meet them, and when they are speaking to us. We make assumptions about a situation, though the facts don’t support our assumptions. We make assumptions about what people are assuming about us (I know, mind=blown).

What are assumptions, why are assumptions needed, and what happens when we are wrong?

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