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Bioware is so close…yet so far away

October 18, 2016 1 comment

Player: “We don’t like gear in PvP. We want it to be based on skill. A symptom of this disease is gearing is random and Battlemaster lootboxes suck because they aren’t fun.”
Bioware: “Okay, well you can now buy gear you want, but it takes a long time.”

Player: “We like ranked 8-man PvP, but the queue times are long without cross-server and preseason 1 is taking forever (over a year)”
Bioware: “Oh, well, I know we promised cross-server, but we’re gonna remove that game type and give you one that is radically different in style in a way that completely eliminates the point of some of the advanced classes.”

Player: “We still don’t like gear in PvP. We still want it to be based on skill. The grind is strong with this one.”
Bioware: “Here is a starter set of gear for zero credits that no one will buy.”

Player: “We STILL don’t like gear in PvP. We actually want it to be based on skill. The grind (that was unchanged) is still strong with this one.”
Bioware: “How about a system that makes your gear less important, but still needed? Oh, but PvEers and naked people will be more powerful than you.”

Player: “We still REALLY don’t like gear in PvP. We still want it to be based on skill. Also, the PvEers hurt me.”
Bioware: “Okay, we’ll fix that broken system we put in (finally), and here are some reduced costs so only the first two weeks of warzones on a new character will be miserable instead of two months of misery.”

Player: “Okay, this gearing system is still a little rough, but I finally can get my alts consistently geared and it is a fairly enjoyable process. How about some more maps at some point? And maybe keep working on cross-server to help ranked populations?”
Bioware: “We need a new system. This “getting gear consistently” thing isn’t as fun as not knowing where your next meal will come from. Tell you what, pay us money and we’ll give you gear. But it will be random. And good luck min-maxing. Oh and hey, we heard your complaints about the PvEers and we’ve made sure they have the same problems you do now.”

Player: “We don’t like the Alliance lootboxes, they aren’t fun, and they’re pointless.”
Bioware: “Oh then we’ll give them a point! We’ll make it so you have to get them for gear. Exclusively gearing through lootboxes! Now they aren’t pointless.”

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