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PvP Talent Build: DPS Commando- 8/31/2

March 12, 2012 Comments off

LAST UPDATE: Update 1.1.5

This is a PvP build for the Commando. This will mainly utilize the Gunnery specialization, but it adds some bare-bones healing abilities from Combat Medic.

Note: This build was created with the Darth Hater Talent Calculator. The link to view this build is here, and the associated Mercenary build is here.

Class: Commando
Primary Focus: Gunnery
Secondary Focus: Combat Medic
Purpose: PvP
Goal: This build is about maximizing DPS while able to shoot some heals, should a situation demand it.

General Strategies

Attacking: Generally, on a fresh target, you will want to use Grav Round at least twice before doing anything else. This will stack 4 Gravity Vortices on the target, effectively reducing their armor by 16%. The two uses of Grav Round will also give you two charges of Charged Barrel (which will grant 12% extra damage on High Impact Bolt at this time) and two charges of Charged Barrier (for a total of 4% incoming damage reduction). At this point, if you have triggered a Curtain of Fire (Full Auto buff, little red icon), I would use Full Auto. Otherwise, hit another Grav Round, producing a full 5 stacks of Gravity Vortices, for 20% armor reduction on the target. Keep spamming Grav Round until you hit 5 stacks of both Charged Barrier and Charged Barrel. If at any point you get the Curtain of Fire buff, use Full Auto, otherwise keep spamming Grav Round. Once you have a full 5 stacks of Charged Barrel, fire off High Impact Bolt, as it will have a 30% damage bonus now. This will consume the Charged Barrel stacks. Eventually, once High Impact Bolt is on cooldown, you will want to swap in Charged Bolts for Grav Round, as it does more damage. Also, this will all be draining on your ammo, so make sure that you use Hammer Shot occasionally to help the regeneration. Keep above 60% ammo for good maintenance.

Defending: Defense comes down to killing the other guy quickly. Reactive Shield is useful, but not necessarily going to be up all the time. Knockbacks (Stockstrike, and more importantly, Concussion Charge) are very useful for keeping people at range which is where we like them. You also have a stun and a mez, Cryo Grenade and Concussive Round, respectively. These are on a relatively short cooldown.

Grav Round - The Gunnery Commando's number one ability

All points allocated are the maximum allowed for each ability, unless otherwise noted. Read more…