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1-65 Speedy Soloing Leveling Guide

June 4, 2011

This is just a updated leveling guide that takes into account the Evendim Revamp, as well as the solofication of Vol. II. It is from the perspective of a player who is primarily solo and wants to move as quickly as possible through the levels. My captain is the one that most recently went through this, but I have done the Moria part just about the same exact way with my hunter, warden, champ, and lore-master as well. Enjoy, good leveling, and farad vaer.


1-8: Intro areas

The Man areas are fastest, the Hobbit areas are the best if you want the Undying title (as there are not that many quests that will kill you), and the Elf areas are the most challenging.

8-20: Bree

20-27: Lone-Lands

Mainly, stick to the quest hubs at the Forsaken Inn, a few of the solo quests at the Eglain Camp at 34.4S, 36.9W, Ost Guruth, and Dol Vaeg. Stay out of Agamaur.

27-30: Esteldin

Skip Trestlebridge, head for Esteldín.

30-40: Evendim

Start at Oatbarton, end at Annúminas. Get your entire set of armor.

40-42: Misty Mountains

Quests from just north of Rivendell and Gloin’s Camp. Also, the Epic book quests are good for xp here.

42-43: Angmar (Fém armor and Búth Sánkhas jewelry)

With the new armor and jewelry available from Evendim, this is more for old-times sake and to get me to 43 so I can actually land attacks on mobs in Forochel.

43-45: Forochel

45-46: LIs and Class quest

46-48: Rest of Forochel

This does not include all rep, but it does include the quest hubs at Kauppa-Kohta, Pynti-Peldot, Zigilgund, and Sûri-Kylä.

48-50: Eregion

Usually, the quest hubs Gwingris, Echad Eregion, and Echad Dunann are enough to get me to 50. Echad Mirobel also has a few quick quests for those needing a little xp.

50-57: Moria

The trick to leveling in Moria is to either do the quests associated with the dungeons, requiring a group, or to do about 3-5 skirmishes per level. This will also help you keep your soldier leveled with you. Also, I frequently do the LI instances at Dolven View, both for the titles to change the damage types on my weapon and for the relics. It is a very good source for rep with the Iron Garrison Guards and Miners as well.

50-51: Great Delving (hubs at Durin’s Threshold and Dolven View)

51-52: Durin’s Way (hub at Chamber of Crossroads)

52-53: Silvertine Lodes (hub at Deep Descent)

53-54: Waterworks (hub at Rotting Cellar)

54-55: Redhorn Lodes (hub at Orc-Watch)

55-56: The Flaming Deeps (hub at Anazârmekhem)

56-57: Nud-Melek (hub at Twenty-first Hall)

57-60: Lothlorien

Also, with the recent solofication of Vol. II, it is a good idea to keep up with the quests, and spend level 57 finishing them up. I leveled up to 58 on my Captain when I killed the final boss in 2.6.8.

60-65: Mirkwood

If out of quests, head to Enedwaith to finish it off.

Language Notes: “farad vaer” means “good hunting” and “Namárië” is “farewell” in Sindarin Elvish

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