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6-month SWTOR Photojournal

June 5, 2012

Here is a photojournal of all of my fun this last 6 months in SWTOR.


Geldarion – Gunslinger – Level 50

My original Beta Gunslinger from the Thanksgiving Day weekend.

I was so excited when I got my first ship! The smuggler ship remains my favorite of all 6.

Grand Moff Tarkin is warning you of spoilers:
Click for a great moment in my smuggler’s story…

Gotta love the “Get Smart” reference in the smuggler quest “Heist of the Millennium”

There was this weird bug that made me and Corso look like we were flying into each others’ arms for a giant bro-hug. I call it the Hug Bug.

I did a lot of pointing my gun at people throughout my career…

My guild and I have had a lot of fun fighting this guy…

He probably wishes he could say the same

I highly enjoyed the Rakghoul plague. Nothing like puking on your enemies and exploding on your friends!

My friend Arad steadied my aim for a pull in Karagga’s Palace.

I spend a lot of time like this. Two turrets together! (oooh alliteration!)

I like to capture the awesome moment of hitting 50.

My crew, they’re family, you know…gorram idiots, but family

Geldar – Commando – Level 50

My commando in front of the Endar Spire on Taris. When I first played Knights of the Old Republic and started on the Endar Spire, I was a soldier, so my SWTOR soldier coming across the Endar Spire was poetic. And then the KOTOR theme music started to play inside the Endar Spire and I got goosebumps…

Grand Moff Tarkin is warning you of spoilers:
Click for a great moment in my trooper’s story…

One thing is for certain…Commandos look way cooler than pretty much any class…

Second level 50 moment: captured!

My trooper actually used his conference room! I loved this scene. Need more butts for those chairs…

We are Havoc Squad

Galnar – Sentinel – Level 50

Gotta love my little buddy Teeseven!

I really do like the look of all the ships. I wish I could make it green though, even though red is to signify Diplomatic status. My Sentinel was hardly a good diplomat though…maybe green could signify “will put lightsaber though body”…

I find it ironic that my smuggler’s Battlemaster gear has a cape, and my Jedi’s doesn’t.

Grand Moff Tarkin is warning you of spoilers:
Click for a great moment in my knight’s story…

First character that I dinged on before finishing their class story. Oh well! Moment captured!

The Force-using members of my team

Scourge was “too cool for the group picture,” so I sent him for donuts.

Deg’eldari’oned – Operative – Level 22

I really, really enjoyed the Revanites storyline on Dromund Kaas. I think it is fascinating the effect that Revan had on all the class stories, but this is the tie-in for the Imperials. I never miss these quests.

This is definitely the sleekest of all the ships, but I keep getting lost inside. I run around a lot before I remember where the door is to get out.

Geldarr – Powertech – Level 48

This is my Powertech in PvP, which is where he normally is. I am usually rank-capped on him. I am also in the Warzone with Bloodrose, which is Chipchops’ Sorcerer.

Bounty hunters have the coolest armor, but they have the dumbest helmets until level 40 PvP gear, which is what I am wearing in this picture.

I hope you enjoyed your tour of my first 6 months in SWTOR! What are some of your favorite moments from your time in-game?

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