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Rise of Isengard photo-journal and tips

September 3, 2011 Comments off

My Captain, Ardaheru, hit 75 Monday night! I was 8th in Southern Cross to do it. It was a very interesting experience, and I wanted to share with you some screenshots and advice for a smooth experience.

Fun Moments

  • I found that wargs in Dunland are very well behaved.
  • My first glimpse of Saruman was a “jump-up-and-down-with-joy moment.” Somehow, I missed this quest in the Beta, which I am glad about, because I got experience it for the first time “for real.”

    Saruman is a cheapskate though!

  • Here is the quest I was referring to in this post about humor and engagement in the Epic story in Dunland.

"There are very few desirable tasks when it comes to preparing for war"

  • When we come across the Riders of Rohan for the first time: another “jump-up-and-down-with-joy moment.” Théoden’s son!!!!! Read more…

Virtues in Isengard

August 26, 2011 9 comments

Now that the NDA has been lifted, I can show you these! This was how the virtues were in the Beta when I saw them. These are all at rank 12. It looks like Zeal is the new Valour. Every one of my characters will have it probably.

NOTE: These may change before launch!

UPDATE: More thoughts and information about changes on this new post.

Charity +2070 resistance rating +388.8 physical mitigation +240.6 non-combat power regen
Compassion +648 physical mitigation +360.9 non-combat power regen +162 tactical mitigation
Confidence +2070 resistance rating +18 will +32.4 in-combat power regen
Determination +36 agility +67.5 in-combat morale regen +86 maximum morale
Discipline +36 might +1034 resistance rating +216 physical mitigation
Empathy +540 armour value +18 fate +621 resistance rating
Fidelity +486 tactical mitigation +18 vitality +37 maximum power
Fortitude +647.1 non-combat morale regen +18 might +621 resistance rating
Honesty +145 maximum power +324 armour value +9 fate
Honour +2070 resistance rating +292 tactical mitigation +9 vitality
Idealism +36 fate +1034 resistance rating +9 will
Innocence +648 physical mitigation +1034 resistance rating +162 tactical mitigation
Justice +90 in-combat morale regen +170 maximum morale +324.4 non-combat morale regen
Loyalty +36 vitality +73 maximum power +180 armour value
Mercy +480 non-combat power regen +292 tactical mitigation +9 agility
Patience +64.8 in-combat power regen +1034 resistance rating +216 physical mitigation
Tolerance +486 tactical mitigation +18 agility +45 in-combat morale regen
Valour +338 maximum morale +486.5 non-combat morale regen +9 might
Wisdom +36 will +48.6 in-combat power regen +621 resistance rating
Zeal +338 maximum morale +388.8 physical mitigation +180 armour value

Lore-masters in Isengard Dev Diary

August 25, 2011 Comments off

There was a Dev Diary today on Lore-masters and the changes coming to them in Isengard. For the most part, they are in line with the rest of the changes that have been mentioned previously. For a comprehensive list of all changes coming to Lore-masters and all relevant links, see this constantly updated post.

There are a few differences from what has previously been discussed. The pet gained at level 70 is going to be a healing-related pet, and it will not necessarily be an auroch (I have heard reports from people that attended Gamescom that the new pet is now a limrafn (the Dead misty thing from Evendim). It will be interesting if that is the pet we end up getting and to see what the skills will be.

I would like to highlight my thoughts about the change to Lore-masters’ cure skills. My first opinion that I wrote in the Lore-master changes summary was like that of many in the forums:

“This is potentially one of the biggest nerfs in all of the updates I have seen. Almost everyone that has seen it has hated it. A cooldown on the ONLY class that can remove diseases and wounds consistently will be horrible for the instances that put 4+ diseases on you at a time. I realize the resistances are being removed because of the stat changes, but the cooldown is just unacceptable. It is just very unnecessary. I would trade all the buffs to get this unnerfed.”

Then I thought about it for a good long while. Here are my post-dev-diary, post-much-reconsideration, and post-a calming-period-of-time-to-reflect-on-my-temper thoughts:

“This will simply make Lore-masters that are skilled more desirable, as well as forcing people to use their pots. After all, are Lore-masters really here just to feed you power and take the 10 second power sapping disease off of you at the same time? We have things we need to do to help the battle too, like DPS, debuffs, spot-healing, etc! I’m fully behind this change now.”

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Champions in Isengard Dev Diary

August 23, 2011 Comments off

There is a new Dev Diary today on Champions! There are many, many, many changes coming. As the Champion was my second 65, and my main for a long time, these changes are very interesting to me! I will break the Dev Diary down and give my thoughts as I go.

The Developer in charge is Orion, and he is also one of the key developers for PvMP. He begins his explanation of the Champion changes by saying that the Champion for a long time has had two roles, DPS and Tanking. When Champions were forced to tank, they would suit up with a shield, making them a slightly less fun version of a Guardian. My all-time favorite quote by Orion was from his original blog post on Champion changes in Isengard, “Champions are based on Gimli. Gimli did not use a shield. Champions will not use shields.”

The problem of course is that Guardians are fantastic Guardians, Champs not so much. So why would you want a Champ to do a Guardian’s job, when the Champ doesn’t really like the Guardian’s job anyway because of the drastically different gameplay style behind the shield?

Orion decided to take a different approach. While Guards would be a shield tank with mitigations, and Wardens would be the parry and evade tanks with HoTs and morale leaches, the tanking Champ would play like a DPS Champ: shield-less, focusing on using skills to maintain aggro and survivability instead of doing as much damage to enemies, but still fun and fast like Champs like it!

Read more…

Captains in Isengard Dev Diary

August 18, 2011 2 comments

There was a Dev Diary yesterday on Captains and the changes coming to them in Isengard. For the most part, they are in line with the rest of the changes that have been mentioned previously. For a comprehensive list of all changes coming to Captains, see this constantly updated post.

The big difference in this Dev Diary from what we’ve seen so far is how the stat changes are going to be affecting Captains. Captains will now be basing our Outgoing Healing on Might as well as Melee Offense, making our builds much more straightforward.

This also means that we will be hitting like pansies and healing like level 30 Rune-keepers in our healing gear, come Isengard. Luckily, most of us have soloing gear that we use when we need more Might than Outgoing Healing, which will now conveniently give us both. I also imagine that they will go back and refigure the old gear like the Helegrod armor, to better match the stats. Keep in mind, this is the way it will be for Captains from level 1 and up. That means countless armor sets that are useless now, with lots of Will.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!