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20 innovative things about Crowfall

August 14, 2015 7 comments


Crowfall is an amazing new MMO that is the works (due to launch sometime late 2016-early 2017). This is definitely an MMO to keep your eye on, especially if you are like me, and you like intense PvP, character creation, meaningful choices and consequences, and bragging rights.

My goal today is to write up some of the reasons I think Crowfall is going to be awesome, that way:

  1. People who follow my blog can become aware of the game if they aren’t already.
  2. People can share this with their friends to get them interested.
  3. I can get this out of my system, because I am addicted to Crowfall news.

Here are 20 things about Crowfall that I think make it different and new when compared to the current MMO scenery. Read more…