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TSW, I think I’m in love with you

February 11, 2016 Comments off


Please tell me if you love me back. Check yes or no.

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Okay, so I’ve made the rounds through the MMOs. In the last few months, I’ve played Wildstar, WoW, Firefall, Marvel Heroes, GW2, and SWTOR. Finally, I’ve looped back around to The Secret World. They just released their new membership with new and improved stuff.

The last time I quit TSW, it was because my computer would lock up to where I had to hard-reboot it about every 15 minutes.

The thing is, I still keep coming back. Despite the issues I have with it hardware-wise, I frickin’ love this game! Read more…

20 innovative things about Crowfall

August 14, 2015 7 comments


Crowfall is an amazing new MMO that is the works (due to launch sometime late 2016-early 2017). This is definitely an MMO to keep your eye on, especially if you are like me, and you like intense PvP, character creation, meaningful choices and consequences, and bragging rights.

My goal today is to write up some of the reasons I think Crowfall is going to be awesome, that way:

  1. People who follow my blog can become aware of the game if they aren’t already.
  2. People can share this with their friends to get them interested.
  3. I can get this out of my system, because I am addicted to Crowfall news.

Here are 20 things about Crowfall that I think make it different and new when compared to the current MMO scenery. Read more…

Return to FireFall

October 10, 2014 Comments off

Geldarion~Sep-25-2014~New Eden~1~p1

I thought it would be fun to revisit a post I made about Firefall a little over a year ago. In it, I talked about 25 things you needed to know about the game, and was generally pretty excited. I’m generally still pretty excited. There have been a lot of changes, some that made me leave the game for a while, but I wanted to talk about them, perhaps sort of review it here. I will be quoting things from the article and responding to them.

Read more…

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They Have Done The Impossible…And That Makes Them Mighty

July 22, 2013 4 comments

intimidation firefly


I just found something AWESOME!!!

It was buried in the torrent of news from the San Diego Comic Con. It was none other than the announcement of an MMO based on my all-time favorite TV show. Star Trek Online, you say? No, that is already out, and Star Trek loses to this show easily. You mean they are making a Get Smart MMO, you ask? No, missed it by that much. Read more…

Adventures in FireFall

July 19, 2013 Comments off

FirefallClient 2013-07-19 11-43-48-47

So recently, I have been super swamped with my masters work. For stress relief, I play games, usually at night while monitoring my computer jobs while they run on the supercomputer cluster. In the midst of playing SWTOR and waiting for Wildstar, I got a suggestion from one of my friends in my guild, Old Timers Guild, named Sadistical. He is also the one responsible for the beautiful graphics work that has been going up over on Wildstar Radio. He suggested I play FireFall.

For those who don’t know, FireFall is a combination between a First Person Shooter and an MMO. It is a sandbox-style game that has crafting as the main form of upgrading weapons and your armor. I played for a couple of hours last night, and I wanted to talk about what I saw. Here’s twenty-five things you need to know about FireFall. Read more…

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