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SWTOR Story Ranking – The 1-10 Planets

January 16, 2013 8 comments

I didn't know he could joke, actually!

I didn’t know he could joke, actually!

As most people who play Star Wars: The Old Republic know, Bioware considers their Story as their “fourth pillar,” along with Exploration, Combat, and Progression. Because of this lofty goal, they had every storyline fully voice-acted, and they gave each class their own completely fleshed-out stories.

I want to rank each story by its natural divisions. Each story has the Prologue and three Chapters. The Prologue is separated into two different sections (in my mind) of the 1-10 Starter Planets and Coruscant/Dromund Kaas. I will tackle the 1-10 Starter Planets today.

I will give my ranking first, then I will fully explain my position with potential spoilers, so if you just want to see what I think, don’t go past the big spoiler text. Feel free to comment on all of the rankings and provide your own if you want! Be sure to add your reasoning as well! Also stay tuned for more rankings of the additional parts, as well as the ultimate story ranking at the end! Which class will win?

Here is my ranking. They are also links in case you only want to read my analysis of certain classes. Be careful while scrolling!

  1. Trooper – 10/10
  2. Inquisitor – 9/10
  3. Agent – 9/10
  4. Bounty Hunter – 8/10
  5. Smuggler – 8/10
  6. Warrior – 7/10
  7. Knight – 7/10
  8. Consular – 5/10

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Rant ‘N Rave: SWTOR Class Story Overlap

September 17, 2012 Comments off

This is the inaugural post in a new series I am starting called Rant ‘N Rave. Hopefully, I will give you a new tidbit weekly with rants and raves from my moments in gaming (maybe even in life).

This week is a Rave. I am playing through my Sith Warrior’s story in SWTOR, and I am continually struck by the ingenious storytelling that Bioware has prepared for us. I will attempt to talk generally in the beginning of the post, but spoilers will happen later, so I will warn you ahead of time. The spoilers will be in sets of two: the Sith Warrior/Jedi Knight storylines and the Trooper/Bounty Hunter storylines.

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PvP Strategy: Gunslinger’s Dampers Defense

December 25, 2011 11 comments

I recently put up a post about a PvP build that I had theorycrafted. Having gotten the chance to try it up to level 25, I thought I would post on what I had found.

First off, as a recap, this build is based on getting in and out of cover effectively. Just because you have a stationary mechanic, doesn’t mean that you need to remain still. Success in PvP is about movement, and this still holds true even with cover.

Typically, the ideal situation is one where you remain mostly ignored, much to the enemy’s detriment. You are allowed to remain in cover and keep blasting away. But that is more of what happens in PvE. PvP often places you at odds against the one guy who decides that you have been headshotting quite enough.

If you are versus a powerful enemy, such as a Sith Marauder or the Imperial Sniper, you will have to use your skills fully, (especially with the latter, as they have a lot of the same tools). On that note, this guide also works for Snipers, just in the Marksman build vs. the Sharpshooter build.

I would now like to show you an effective method for playing defensively and still getting the DPS that comes with being a Gunslinger. I’m going to call this method the Dampers Defense. You only need the first few tiers of the Sharpshooter to be able to start using this to its full effectiveness. Here is the absolute minimum build on DarthHater. Read more…