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The Pros and Cons of Archeage: Leveling and Classes

November 21, 2014 3 comments

I’m back from sleepless nights, and a good portion of the first chapter of my dissertation is completed. Real life, amirite?

So now to get on schedule!

It is my goal to talk honestly about the flaws and strengths of Archeage, review it a bit, and talk about my experiences in it.  I plan to release 5 articles on Crafting and Travel, Housing and PvP, Leveling and Classes (today’s), The Endgame Gear Grind, and the Trial System and Game Infrastructure.

Note that everything I say is a matter of opinion. The solutions I offer are merely the perspectives of a gamer with a scientific background in programming, but by no means am I a developer who knows what it would take to implement any of it. I simply believe in presenting problems with solutions, rather than just focusing on the negative.

Today’s topics are the leveling process and what I thought about it, as well as a discussion of the class system.

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