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F2P for All!

July 31, 2012 6 comments

So yes, SWTOR announced that it is going F2P in November. I had suspected it was going in this direction, but I wasn’t sure.

I think this will be a great thing for SWTOR honestly. People are denouncing it as a massive catastrophe, but I truly believe that it will revitalize SWTOR. I have been through this transition before, remember. I played LOTRO before it went free, and I heard all the doom and gloomers talk about how the gameplay would be ruined and the content would suck, etc. etc. Instead, it was a great chance to get people into the game for fun and friendship. I played for a good year after it went F2P, and I enjoyed the whole time.

I think there will be three responses to this announcement.

Number 1: I am going to reinstall SWTOR. I liked it, but I couldn’t justify the sub.

Number 2: OMG I AM QUITTING THIS GAME RIGHT NOW, YOU ALL SUCK FOR STAYING, SWTOR WILL DIE LIKE I HAVE PREDICTED FOR 9 MONTHS NOW, AND I AM GLAD I CANCELED MY SUB ALL THAT TIME AGO (which seems odd, since they are still on the forums, but oh well.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

Number 3: I am glad I will get to try the game and continue my story past level 15. It was just getting good. (this is my brother)


What do you think? Will this be another LOTRO, where F2P revitalizes the game and makes it flush with new players and new friends? Or will this be like the gasps of a dying breed of payment models, solidifying SWTOR in the realm of City of Heroes and Age of Conan where the P2W options are more prevalent?