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Icy Crevasse – Tips and Tricks

June 6, 2011 Comments off

I was very excited when I saw there would be a Forochel skirmish. First off, I was thrilled that I finally had another way to earn reputation with the Lossoth, which have an incredibly long grind. Secondly, I just love Forochel. It is one of the most beautiful and deadly places in Middle-Earth.

I tried it out on Bullroarer with my level 65 Hunter, Geldarion, first. I have since tried it with most of my characters that are the appropriate level. I usually run with an on-level soldier, and I would highly recommend that, because this is undoubtedly the hardest skirmish there is.

I would like to give a few tips on completing this skirmish, since it is so difficult. This is not too detailed, and I am sure that Pineleaf Needles at Casual Stroll to Mordor will have a complete guide eventually, but this is to tide people over for the time being. You should definitely check out his posts, as they are the best I’ve ever seen on skirmishes.

Here is how to win (or in this case, not die)! Read more…