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Come here, my pet!

July 19, 2011 Comments off

I love pets. I really do. I enjoy skirmishes simply because, if nothing else, my non-pet-class characters can enjoy the benefits of leading a two man army (including themselves).

Pets are an integral part of the playstyle that comes with Lore-masters and Captains. Some people like this aspect of these classes, some people don’t. I know a lot of people play Captains without using a herald, opting instead to use a banner. I know Lore-masters that only have a raven out for the shadow mitigation, and they might keep it alive for flanks.

While these aren’t necessarily bad playstyles, I’m going to assume that the readers of this post aren’t like this. I’m going to assume that you want to learn how to use your pet effectively. I’m going to assume that you want to get the most out of this aspect of the class you have chosen to play, i.e. Lore-master or Captain. Read more…

Isengard Class Changes: Lore-masters

July 11, 2011 1 comment

If you have been following the posts made by developers on the forums and in their my.LOTRO blogs, then you know that class changes are going to rock in Isengard. I thought I would put up a series of posts on each of the classes and keep them updated as new information comes in. Also, if I have an opinion, I will post that as well.

This overview will cover Lore-masters. The resident developer in charge of Lore-masters is Raskolnikov. I will try to both write what has changed and what it is currently, in case you are wanting to roll a Lore-master alt in the near future and want to know what will happen in Isengard.

NOTE: These are only proposed! Things may change in Beta testing. Read more…

How to Harness the HUD, Part 2

June 27, 2011 3 comments

This is the second installment of How to Harness the HUD. Today’s topic is the Quickslots and Social Options.

This will not cover keybinding the quickslots; that will follow in a later post.


The quickslots page is primarily dedicated to display and placement of quickslot bars. Let’s talk about the quickslot bars first.

There are six quickslot bars, each with 12 slots. These bars are for the purpose of holding skills and items for ease of use, especially in combat. Each bar is completely keybindable, and all of the bars except for the main bar have individual options for hiding them, docking them, and positioning them. Read more…

Getting creative with TonicBars

June 10, 2011 Comments off

TonicBars is a wonderful plugin for Lord of the Rings Online. I have recently been making full use of it on all of my characters. When it comes to things as simple as travel or as complicated as mid-fight weapon-swapping, it makes my life so much easier.

TonicBars is available here.

The plugin basically consists of two parts. The first is the quickslots, which are the foundation of TonicBars, and the second is extensions, which are branched out off of quickslots. Both quickslots and extensions are able to be set up exactly as you prefer: if you want 20 slots, then you can make 20 slots. You want a constant row of food vertical, then a mouse-over to pop out horizontal rows of various types? Done. Read more…

My New Checklist: Syp at Massively Gets the Scoop

June 9, 2011 Comments off

Sypster over at Massively posted a preview of Rise of Isengard expansion, and here are some of the things he had to say.

The expansion is filled with dozens of small improvements as well. Classes will not only be expanded as players level to 75 but receive skill and trait overhauls as Turbine strives to give players “more meaningful choices” in how they build and play their roles. Scaling instances will have their caps raised to 75 and will stock their coffers with better and more shiny loot. Crafting will head into Tier 7 with plenty of new recipes to boot.

We also learned that the virtue cap will be raised from 10 to 12, giving players more ways to increase their character’s stats.

Wow, do I have a lot to do! I have to get all five of my 65s ready for this expansion! Here is my checklist of what I need to do: Read more…