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So Many Articles, So Little Time

November 1, 2012 Comments off

I bet some people have wondered where all of my articles on SWTOR have been! I have been super busy in real life, so I have been keeping my commitments on TORWars and Corellian Run, but I have not been posting much over here. I meant to start doing a Rant ‘N Rave every week, but I let that go to the wayside, unfortunately. I will pick that back up at some point, or perhaps not be so strict on the once-per-week thing.

Anyway, for now, I would refer you to my recent articles on on my Smuggler Weekly Column and on Corellian Run Radio on my PvP column, Tactical Strike. Read more…

Geldarion Says: How To Guard Objectives in PvP

September 21, 2012 1 comment

Guarding objectives well is an essential skill in organized team PvP like in SWTOR. Check out this video for my top 5 tips for succeeding at this vital task.



Geldarion Plays: SWTOR Smuggler in “Zank, The Shiny Bounty Hunter”

September 14, 2012 Comments off

(*SPOILER ALERT*) Some of the Smuggler’s story is in this video. Not a lot, but a little bit.

Notes for video below:

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Geldarion Plays: Gunslinger in Novare Coast SWTOR PvP

August 14, 2012 Comments off

Notes for video below:

Geldarion Plays: Gunslinger in Huttball and Voidstar SWTOR PvP

August 12, 2012 1 comment

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Notes for video below: