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Reminiscing About KOTOR

July 21, 2013 2 comments

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This last week was the 10th anniversary of Knights of the Old Republic. I wanted to talk today about some of the things I loved about that game and what it meant to me in the grand scheme of things.

KOTOR was my first RPG. I know what you are thinking, “Geld, you can’t be serious! There were so many RPGs before KOTOR.” I know that, but you have to think, I was only 14 when this game came out. I had played other games, like the Jedi Knight series, X-Wing Alliance, and some text based games. I never played table top games. KOTOR was my first foray into the realm of RPGs and stats and builds and so forth. Read more…

Review of Rise of the Hutt Cartel on MMO Reporter

July 2, 2013 2 comments


Just posted today was my review of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion on MMO Reporter. It is in both audio and print! Go check it out now.

Things That Veteran SWTOR Players Know

July 1, 2013 4 comments

Just thought I would write up a quick list of things that veteran SWTOR players know. Here are twelve of my favorites (note: heavy sarcasm below).

  1. It is pronounced “swoh-tor” or “swuh-tor.”
  2. To win PvP, all you have to do is: pass, get ahead for passes, cap, stop caps, call inc, and KILL THE FREAKIN’ HEALER‼‼‼
  3. The Legacy System was once just an experience bar.
  4. “The game died a week after launch”
  5. Watch it the first time, spacebar after that
  6. PvP gear isn’t hard to get anymore
  7. Ilum was still fun.
  8. The Cartel Market is in fact really Ebenezer Scrooge. Two words: Life Day…
  9. The Rakghoul event was in fact one of the best pieces of content in any MMO ever.
  10. There are really three server names for your character. Your first server, your transferred server, and your mega-server (where you now reside). For example, I am from Lord Praven/Drooga’s Pleasure Barge/The Harbinger.
  11. Darth Malgus makes a good paperweight.
  12. Powertechs used to be scary.

EDIT: Had to fix number 10…it got lost halfway through…

Bioware Needs to Be Cautious

June 19, 2013 11 comments

Recently there was a post by Bioware Lead Designer Bruce Maclean (who unfortunately seems to be my favorite punching bag). It said a lot of stuff about events and such, but the final paragraph read as follows:

Game Update 2.4 is also in the pipe and being worked on for an October release. Even though our mantra is smaller more frequent patches this particular update is shaping up to be very big, with tons of new content and big PvP updates especially targeting Ranked play. We’ll start sharing details next month. If you absolutely *have* to glimpse the potential future, enter a Force trance and focus on these key phrases. Oricon. Warzone Arenas. Dread Masters.

Now, I look at this and the first thing I think is “Warzone Arenas?!?! AWESOME!!!”

The second thing I think is “what the heck do Oricon and Dread Masters have to do with PvP?” Read more…

Update 2.0 Leveling Gear Guide

June 13, 2013 7 comments

Welcome to the Update 2.0 Leveling Gear Guide! This guide is compiled from a combination of my experience leveling a brand new character on a brand new server without the aid of my crafters and the knowledge of the systems in place.

This guide is not an endgame gearing guide. Once you hit level 55, you are on your own. This is a guide about getting the maximum use out of your planetary commendations while leveling. First off, let’s talk about what planetary commendations are. Read more…