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Patch 1.2 Video and Gleanings

March 7, 2012

A very cool high-definition video has been released for Patch 1.2 of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and here are some of the things I saw in it, with additional comments from following the guild summit news.

The video is here.

  • New Warzone: Novare Coast (0:32)
  • New Operation: Explosive Conflict (0:42)
  • New Flashpoint: The Lost Island (0:50)
  • Expanded Legacy System (starts at 1:00)
    • Drag-and-Drop Family Tree (1:00)
    • Characters that finish Act 3 grant skills that can be used by any character during Heroic Moment
      • Juggernaut using Flamethrower (1:05)
      • Smuggler using Force Choke (1:07)
    • Mailbox available in ship (1:08)
    • Practice dummies in ship, both raid boss type and player type (1:10)
    • Species of level 50 characters are unlocked for all classes (1:11)
  • UI Customization, including Drag-and-Drop feature, profile import and export, and sizing (1:17)
  • Improved Character textures (1:24)
  • Color Match-to-chest (1:27)
  • Mission Tracker usable items (1:29)
  • Warzone Lifetime Stats and Ranked Queue interface (1:35)
    • Separate tracking for solo and group stats and queues
    • Counts MVP and badge earnings
    • Will be separated into “Seasons” from the look of things
  • Corellia Daily missions (1:38)
  • More out-of-combat pets, including baby Tauntauns (1:41)
  • Guild banks (1:44)
    • Includes a log of who withdraws what
    • Guildmaster can set parameters on what can and cannot be withdrawn by different ranks in different categories, including consumables and gear
  • New gear for all classes (1:47)
    • Smuggler will go from looking like a matador to looking like a Rakatan
    • No idea what is going on with the Knight’s shoulder wings
    • Trooper looks awesome, as per usual
    • Consular is a little revealing!
    • Agent looks like a Power Ranger
    • Warrior looks like a Tarentatek
    • Bounty hunter now has the coolest gear in the game
    • Inquisitor looks like an electro-islander
  • A whole slough of very fast moving text (1:50). As many as I could read:
    • New vehicles
    • New lightsaber colors
    • New crafting schematics
    • Ship droids now gain affection
    • Extractable Tier 2 mods (interestingly, no mention of Tier 3)
    • Craftable augments (will be nice to not have to play the lottery)
    • Legacy item drops (which apparently will be bind-on-account and be able to be handed down multiple times)
    • New roleplay emotes
    • Companion gifts will now stack
    • Giving companion gifts will no longer have a cooldown
    • Can now reverse-engineer random drops
    • More craftable color crystals
    • Increased chance of reverse-engineering schematics (Hallelujah!)
    • Crystal Formations on Alderaan (I didn’t realize there weren’t any)
    • Cybertech vehicles no longer Bind-on-pickup
    • Combat log
    • Learnable Tier 2 item crafting
    • Augment slots in Custom crafted gear
    • Trade Vendor added to Corellian Spaceport (woot?)
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