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Making Credits Fast in SWTOR

April 15, 2014 6 comments


Well, today is Tax Day in the United States, so I figured what better way is there to celebrate the government taking our money than to tell everyone on the internet how I make money in SWTOR. Now that I don’t play SWTOR anymore hardcore (even though I am tempted to go back for Season 2 Ranked PvP), I feel like it is safe to risk killing the market that I used to use to make money in SWTOR. People may hate me for this. Some of you, those of you who aren’t in the know, will love me.

I will say that I am not the first to figure this method out, nor am I the only one using it. It is a very popular method of making money in any game. You see, I don’t sell crafted items, and I don’t sell gathered materials. I sell intermediate materials. Read more…

Crew Skills Guide

August 1, 2012 5 comments

Welcome to the official Crew Skill guide of The Fanatical Swordsman. This constantly updated guide will be the compendium for our site on crafting in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

LAST UPDATED: 8/1/12 for 1.3.4

For those familiar with crafting in other games, Crew Skills in SWTOR are very similar to other games in some ways and different in others. Crafting is not done by the player directly, but by the player’s companions. Up to five companions may be sent out at a time (the maximum increases as you go: roughly, one during Prologue, two during Chapter 1, three during Chapter 2, four during Chapter 3, and five after completing Chapter 3).

There are three types of Crew Skills: Crafting, Gathering, and Mission. You may have three skills in total and only one Crafting skill at a time, but any combination of Gathering and Mission skills are allowed, though there are some definite advantages to pairing certain ones together.

Read more…

Big Project Incoming…

July 19, 2012 1 comment

Hey all! I am in the process of working on a huge project for this site. I am really excited about this guide, and I should have it up in a few days.

In the meantime, I thought I would refer you to my recent articles on on my Smuggler Weekly Column and on Corellian Run Radio on my PvP column, Tactical Strike. Read more…

Patch 1.2 Video and Gleanings

March 7, 2012 Comments off

A very cool high-definition video has been released for Patch 1.2 of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and here are some of the things I saw in it, with additional comments from following the guild summit news.

The video is here.

  • New Warzone: Novare Coast (0:32)
  • New Operation: Explosive Conflict (0:42)
  • New Flashpoint: The Lost Island (0:50)
  • Expanded Legacy System (starts at 1:00)
    • Drag-and-Drop Family Tree (1:00)
    • Characters that finish Act 3 grant skills that can be used by any character during Heroic Moment
      • Juggernaut using Flamethrower (1:05)
      • Smuggler using Force Choke (1:07)
    • Mailbox available in ship (1:08)
    • Practice dummies in ship, both raid boss type and player type (1:10)
    • Species of level 50 characters are unlocked for all classes (1:11)
  • UI Customization, including Drag-and-Drop feature, profile import and export, and sizing (1:17) Read more…

Expect Excellence

December 19, 2011 1 comment

I have played many games in my lifetime. There have been many dungeon-crawls, many grind-fests, and many hours spent wondering why I was doing what I was doing.

It has all come to an end.

SWTOR has single-handedly given me what I’ve always wanted in an MMO. It has story, zest, interesting systems, and a gun-totin’, wise-crackin’ space cowboy who has a flair for getting in guns blazing and getting out with a smile on his face and bad-guys in smoking piles behind him.

The first thing you need to remember is I like playing characters that remind me of certain parts of me. In other words, I can see myself in that character. My Hunter in LOTRO was a single-minded, goal-oriented killer, just like me (except of course for the “killer” part). My Captain in LOTRO was a lot like me (really more like me) in that he was fond of justice, dignity, and tradition, and he is fiercely loyal to his friends.

My smuggler is fantastic with the ladies, is a great shot, has a hot-rod starship, and is snarky and sarcastic. Just like…wait a minute! That’s not at all like me! I am literally none of those things. I have never shot a gun (though I live in Texas), my car is a boring, practical sedan, I am typically very polite and non-confrontational, and I was completely in the dark about how my wife liked me for a year before I finally asked her out on a date! Read more…