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Review of Rise of the Hutt Cartel on MMO Reporter

July 2, 2013 2 comments


Just posted today was my review of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion on MMO Reporter. It is in both audio and print! Go check it out now.

Bioware Needs to Be Cautious

June 19, 2013 11 comments

Recently there was a post by Bioware Lead Designer Bruce Maclean (who unfortunately seems to be my favorite punching bag). It said a lot of stuff about events and such, but the final paragraph read as follows:

Game Update 2.4 is also in the pipe and being worked on for an October release. Even though our mantra is smaller more frequent patches this particular update is shaping up to be very big, with tons of new content and big PvP updates especially targeting Ranked play. We’ll start sharing details next month. If you absolutely *have* to glimpse the potential future, enter a Force trance and focus on these key phrases. Oricon. Warzone Arenas. Dread Masters.

Now, I look at this and the first thing I think is “Warzone Arenas?!?! AWESOME!!!”

The second thing I think is “what the heck do Oricon and Dread Masters have to do with PvP?” Read more…

Update 2.0 Leveling Gear Guide

June 13, 2013 7 comments

Welcome to the Update 2.0 Leveling Gear Guide! This guide is compiled from a combination of my experience leveling a brand new character on a brand new server without the aid of my crafters and the knowledge of the systems in place.

This guide is not an endgame gearing guide. Once you hit level 55, you are on your own. This is a guide about getting the maximum use out of your planetary commendations while leveling. First off, let’s talk about what planetary commendations are. Read more…

When Is The Patch Again?

November 7, 2012 Comments off

Patch 1.5 has been on the Public Test Server for quite some time now. A recent post from Joveth Gonzales confirmed that we will not see it hit the live servers this week.

In response to:
Joveth Gonzalez has just confirmed via Twitter that there will be “No 1.5 this week. We’re still testing on PTS. This was going to be a normal maintenance for our systems.”

He replied:

Correct. Stay tuned for info on when Game Update 1.5 is coming out. You shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Now the question remains, when will it hit? Today is the six-week mark from the last content update. It isn’t really because I am especially looking forward to this particular patch (though HK-51 is awesome), it is really more of an interest in when Patch 1.6 will come out with Ancient Hypergates. As I have expressed before on Tactical Strike, I have been chomping at the bit to get into Ancient Hypergates. So the faster 1.5 gets here, the faster 1.6 gets here, and the faster I am happy!