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Gearing up in Isengard or “Yay math!”

October 16, 2011 10 comments

Ah, gearing up. The constant fight for the “best” items for your class, level, and playstyle. With a new level cap and stat changes, the old gear is worthless and the new gear is just out of reach.

Draigoch armor set

Rise of Isengard shipped with one new armor set per class. The first four pieces (boots, gloves, chest, and legs) are available by bartering Superior Fourth Marks. The last two pieces (shoulders and helm) only drop from the Draigoch raid, thus this armor set is known as the “Draigoch set” or the “Dragon set.” I just hope they don’t shorten it like they did with the “Hele set” (Helegrod). I don’t want to be walking around in the “Drag set”…

"Dragon" is way cooler...

Superior 4th Marks, or “S4Ms” as they are seen in chat, are granted upon completion of Challenge modes of any 3- or 6-man Classic instance and 12-man Skirmishes, sans Icy Crevasse and Attack At Dawn, and they are also found in chests at the end of those instances. Challenge modes grant 3 Superior 4th Marks apiece. Read more…

Deed with purpose!

August 2, 2011 1 comment

Every MMO has something that you have to grind. Armor and weapons are a huge grind in most games, and here in LOTRO there is some grinding for weapons and armor, but the main grind is deeds.

Deeds grant a number of things that are useful in game, such as Virtues, Turbine Points, Titles, and Reputation with various groups in Middle-Earth. Not everyone enjoys grinding deeds, but everyone appreciates the rewards.

For now, I will discuss deeding for Virtues and how to maximize your time when doing so.

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Icy Crevasse – Tips and Tricks

June 6, 2011 Comments off

I was very excited when I saw there would be a Forochel skirmish. First off, I was thrilled that I finally had another way to earn reputation with the Lossoth, which have an incredibly long grind. Secondly, I just love Forochel. It is one of the most beautiful and deadly places in Middle-Earth.

I tried it out on Bullroarer with my level 65 Hunter, Geldarion, first. I have since tried it with most of my characters that are the appropriate level. I usually run with an on-level soldier, and I would highly recommend that, because this is undoubtedly the hardest skirmish there is.

I would like to give a few tips on completing this skirmish, since it is so difficult. This is not too detailed, and I am sure that Pineleaf Needles at Casual Stroll to Mordor will have a complete guide eventually, but this is to tide people over for the time being. You should definitely check out his posts, as they are the best I’ve ever seen on skirmishes.

Here is how to win (or in this case, not die)! Read more…

1-65 Speedy Soloing Leveling Guide

June 4, 2011 Comments off

This is just a updated leveling guide that takes into account the Evendim Revamp, as well as the solofication of Vol. II. It is from the perspective of a player who is primarily solo and wants to move as quickly as possible through the levels. My captain is the one that most recently went through this, but I have done the Moria part just about the same exact way with my hunter, warden, champ, and lore-master as well. Enjoy, good leveling, and farad vaer.

Geldarion Read more…